A Long Fatal Love Chase

A Long Fatal Love ChaseFirstly, I’ll admit that I “stole” this book from my adoring sister. I don’t say borrowed because I never plan to return it.

Secondly, this review contains spoilers…

Simply put: I loved this story. It has love, intrigue, suspense, heartache, desire, treachery, innocence, betrayal, action, chases, psychological despair, and murder. What is NOT to love in this somewhat slim novel?

Right or wrong, Rosamond gets the fate she uttered in the beginning: “…I’d gladly sell my soul for a year of freedom.”

After my second reading, and after reading this right after reading Jane Eyre, I felt that A Long Fatal Love Chase is what Jane Eyre might have been had Jane stayed with Mr. Rochester after learning about the living Mrs. Rochester. Granted, where Mr. Rochester is passionate and kind-like to Jane (his love for Jane redeems his soul), Tempest loves Rosamond with a zeal that not only borders on psychotic possessiveness, but gives him the authority (in his own mind) to commit murder in order to keep Rosamond from the truth of discovering a Mrs. Tempest, and the fact that their marriage is a sham.

Tempest loves the chase. It keeps the relationship fresh to him. Had Rosamond submitted to him and lived with him as a meek, unloving, limp plant, he would have tired of her quickly, and probably killed her himself (on purpose).

I don’t mind the ending. It fits. The title is, after all, A Long Fatal Love Chase, which is probably one of the best book titles ever.

So, yeah, that first year was the best year of her life. She paid for it dearly, didn’t she?

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