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CHAPTER ONE (Captive Excerpt)

 Army Captain Rebecca Savage was bored.

 It was the Thursday before a long four-day weekend for the Fourth of July. She and a couple of friends planned to go downtown Heidelberg for shopping, clubbing, and maybe — maybe — hike up to the castle. But only if she was really that bored.

 What she needed was a diversion. A hot, steamy diversion. And if the rumors were correct, that diversion would be arriving in her office in about fifteen minutes.

 Captain Michael Fox.

 The new company commander.

 The new hot and steamy company commander, as rumor put it. And he needed to in-process into the unit before the long weekend and that meant he’d spend about one hour in Rebecca’s office.

 She checked herself in her small compact cosmetic mirror. Her blonde hair was pinned up and framed her tan face nicely. Glasses covered her hazel eyes and her arched eyebrows, but it was to an advantage. She looked like a librarian or perhaps a teacher.

 She applied a thin layer of lip balm. While in uniform she rarely wore make-up, except for mascara.

 Rebecca portrayed a hint of innocence in her appearance and demeanor. She laughed internally. If they only knew, she thought.

 A buzzer rang. The security office’s front door signaled and one too many officers entered. The new commander and the existing executive officer, Lieutenant Tabatha Bishop.

 Jealously flooded Rebecca. She forgot that Tabatha might be with him. Sexy Tabatha with her shimmery blonde hair, blue eyes, pert tiny body and all of those other lovely Scandinavian attributes.

 Tabatha flashed Rebecca a triumphant smile.


 But in her observance of Tabatha and those imaginary claws, she completely ignored the new Captain until now.

 He was certainly foxy. Over six feet, short brown hair in a high and tight, dark eyes (brooding, almost), tan skin splayed with freckles, which gave him a boyish charm, until the rest of him filled her hungry eyes. He was muscular throughout, trim waist, and long legs. Runner’s legs, Rebecca imagined.

 Rebecca smiled at him and extended a hand. “I’m Captain Savage, the company security officer.”

 He did not smile at her. In fact, he appeared down right annoyed.

 “Perhaps we can get this part over with. I have an office call with the General in 45 minutes.”

 Rebecca nodded and smiled, but not as brightly. He’s going to be a handful, she thought with some satisfaction. I can break him.

 “Of course.” Rebecca indicated a chair to his right to sit in. “I have all the necessary security forms for you to fill in. Your last unit promptly sent us your clearance before you arrived. This shouldn’t take longer than 30 to 35 minutes.”

 He pulled out a pen from a sleeve pocket and began writing.

 Tabatha pulled her aside.

 “Something’s up his ass,” Tabatha whispered. While Rebecca was not on good terms with Tabatha, they were at least professional with one another. In any other circumstance, Rebecca would be tempted to seduce Tabatha. In fact, it might be easier to get Tabatha into bed than the new company commander. The thought amused and aroused her.

 “So it seems,” Rebecca said. “Bad flight into Frankfurt, probably.”

 “I don’t think so. It has to do with the office call with the General tonight. I think there’s issues between them.” Then Tabatha sighed. “He’s gorgeous, isn’t he?”

 “Not bad. Not really my taste, you know.”

 “Yeah, right,” Tabatha said and rolled her eyes. “They are all your type.”

 Rebecca didn’t reply but she internally agreed. She loved men and she loved cock.

Captain Fox shifted and then said, “Lt. Bishop, please retrieve my notebook from the vehicle.”

 “Yes, sir.” And Tabatha was off.

 Captain Fox waited for the door to close before saying in a seductive voice, “Well, well, well. If it isn’t Rebecca Savage.”

 Rebecca raised an eyebrow, surprised.

 “You have an advantage, sir. Have we met before?”

 He chuckled sarcastically. “Maybe we have, and then, maybe we haven’t.”

 She smiled.

 Some sort of game had begun and he seemed to know something was up. She was going to enjoy herself immensely once she had him where she wanted him.

 Rebecca came closer to him on the pretense to inspect his paperwork. “You seem to have missed a few sections, Captain Fox.” She leaned over, further than was necessary, to point out an unfilled block. “Seven-A is an extremely important field,” she whispered in his ear.

 He smelled delicious. He was in need of a shave. She noticed this when he clenched his mouth hard and one side ticked.

 Unhappy boy, she mused.

 She quickly retreated to the far side of the office and observed his delayed reaction. He is one cool cookie, Rebecca thought. He thinks he’s in charge, and while he is on many levels, he isn’t in charge on my level.

 He shifted in his chair, said something under his breath, and finished the rest of the forms in silence.

 Tabatha returned and whisked him away for his next appointment.

He gave her a searing look as if to say: this isn’t over.

   Rebecca sure hoped not.

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