A Long Fatal Love Chase

A Long Fatal Love ChaseFirstly, I’ll admit that I “stole” this book from my adoring sister. I don’t say borrowed because I never plan to return it.

Secondly, this review contains spoilers…

Simply put: I loved this story. It has love, intrigue, suspense, heartache, desire, treachery, innocence, betrayal, action, chases, psychological despair, and murder. What is NOT to love in this somewhat slim novel?

Right or wrong, Rosamond gets the fate she uttered in the beginning: “…I’d gladly sell my soul for a year of freedom.”

After my second reading, and after reading this right after reading Jane Eyre, I felt that A Long Fatal Love Chase is what Jane Eyre might have been had Jane stayed with Mr. Rochester after learning about the living Mrs. Rochester. Granted, where Mr. Rochester is passionate and kind-like to Jane (his love for Jane redeems his soul), Tempest loves Rosamond with a zeal that not only borders on psychotic possessiveness, but gives him the authority (in his own mind) to commit murder in order to keep Rosamond from the truth of discovering a Mrs. Tempest, and the fact that their marriage is a sham.

Tempest loves the chase. It keeps the relationship fresh to him. Had Rosamond submitted to him and lived with him as a meek, unloving, limp plant, he would have tired of her quickly, and probably killed her himself (on purpose).

I don’t mind the ending. It fits. The title is, after all, A Long Fatal Love Chase, which is probably one of the best book titles ever.

So, yeah, that first year was the best year of her life. She paid for it dearly, didn’t she?

Review: Heiress Without A Cause, by Sara Ramsey (5 Stars)

Heiress Without A Cause, by Sara Ramsey


Heiress Without a Cause




so, what’s the book about? This is from Ms. Ramsey’s website:

Madeleine is a spinster with a secret passion for the stage. Ferguson is a duke with a dark past. They both look hot in breeches. But when Madeleine is forced to masquerade as his mistress, will their love survive the scandal?

(Ok, this is Kelly talking now) …. can I say how much I loved this book? Because I loved it bunches. I have no idea when I downloaded this e-book. I must have been when Pixel of Ink was running a freebie because it has been a while since I’ve bought a Regency Romance novel. I’m sad that it sat in my kindle for more than a year (probably) and my eyeballs didn’t get to read Ms. Ramsey’s words. I didn’t get to learn about Mad and Ferguson and their (amazing) families until now.

Madeleine, a “spinster” by Regency era society rules, is probably in her late 20’s (I don’t remember), and the perfect fit to “bring out” Ferguson’s twin sisters (or so Ferguson and his family think). “Bring Out” means they’ll make their Ton debut in order to find husbands. Ton = high (and accepted) society. Got it? Good. I’ve been reading Regency Romance novels most of my life, so these things are normal vocabulary to me. I mean, when I want to get all saucy, I start calling people, “M’Lord” and “M’Lady” in my best cockney accent because I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t have come from a titled family. Lady Kelly Washington has a certain ring to it, doesn’t it? btw: My accent is pretty good. I spoke this way for almost 4 years when I lived in Germany…. but don’t ask why. It is a totally and completely interesting story, but it has nothing to do with this book. Anyway, I digress.

Mad loves to act, but she’ll be shunned from society. She loves the stage, so she does exactly that under everyone’s uppity noses. She goes incognito as a French actress in a theater that’s a bit on the “shady” side and drives everyone crazy. The good crazy. Mad, I’m telling you. Mad with desire to see her. To hear here. To blackmail her. Oh, okay. That part wasn’t fun, but it doesn’t turn out all that bad because Mad gets to keep acting. And this is where the hunky hunk comes in.

Ferguson is a newly titled Duke. Dukes are like freaking high up there and just below Prince. But this means precisely nothing to Ferguson because he doesn’t want the title. A certain family trait runs in his family (madness, insanity, murder) and the rumors about his family keep him up in Scotland for quite some time. His sisters detest him (they have a good reason), so he tries to make up for all of this by asking Madeleine to chaperone and bring out his sisters into polite and proper society. She is above reproach. She is a spinster. She would never cause his sisters a scandal. Well… that is until he discovers that she is the French actress. He confronts her. He aims to protect her. They get all hot and bothered together.

In that good way.

In that really, really good way.

But, wait!!! She’s a spinster. He’s a duke. The two do not compute in Regency era England, I tell you. Okay, I’m telling you wrong. This is probably one of the reasons why I freaking love Regency books, and This Book in particular. Two very different personalities that would never, ever be drawn together, are drawn together in a cool, funny, slightly dangerous scheme. It’s fun. It’s romantic. It’s hot. Society wonders why the hunky duke is paying attention to the spinster gal. I mean, she’s not even all that beautiful, they whisper to each other. But hunky Fergster knows. Hot guys always know, don’t they? (I hope they do…hey, look at me, over here, in the corner!!!)

A couple of things happen to throw them even more together; and by together, I mean without clothes on, and an accusation of murder draws them deeper into this acting intrigue that sets the Ton in a titter.

Add in a masquerade party (I once went to one in Germany where a girl just wore ivy vines over the girly bits… I kid you not and she was freaking gorgeous… I was totally envious… fifteen years later I still remember her – that’s how powerful masquerade parties are, people!!!), a revelation, and a happily-ever-after, and you’ve won me over to buy the next book in the Muses of Mayfair series. And I totally bought the next one the millisecond I finished the first book. That, my romance-lovers friends is how you earn 5 Stars.

Keep up the great work, Ms. Ramsey. You’ve just earned yourself a new fan.

You know those good intentions you planned…?

My fabulous editor, Susan Gottfried, recently sent back some edits and I’m about to start working on re-writing the parts she (rightly) dinged me on. Susan is a great editor and I completely recommend her. Make sure to check out her website to see what she edits.

Anyway, my intent was to do a complete edit of her edits over July 4th Holiday, but another story captured my attention and I put the edits aside and continued to work on my LOVE ME series (currently writing book 4). However, good intentions can’t make me productive. ha! My mind was torn between both stories: the one I needed to edit and the one I needed to write.

So what did I do? Poured myself a glass of wine (um, maybe several glasses) and read THE HERO AND THE CROWN by Robin McKinley. Which, if you haven’t read, you should!

Not a bad way to go when every plan you, well, planned fails. Not a bad way to go, at all.


My Current Book Hangover – SHADOW AND BONE by Leigh Bardugo

Okay, I’m *finally* getting to reading a few books on my TBR pile and I picked up SHADOW AND BONE by Leigh Bardugo last night.

Big frickin mistake because I stayed up WAAYYYY to late reading it (I got 1/2 way through) and I have a book hangover.

What’s a book hangover?

It’s where you keep reading “just one more chapter” and then I’ll go to sleep. I have “four hours until I *have* to wake up — let me read just one more frickin awesome chapter”.

And this is a good book. Okay, let me amend that: it’s a *really* good book. Probably the best I’ve read all year, and I’m not even done reading it yet.

So, yeah, go buy this book. The sequel came out a few weeks ago. I know what I’ll be doing very shortly: buying the second book.



Oh, and I’m a pretty good judge of books and how I think they’ll end up. While I have a good idea of how this book will end, I was caught off-guard (in a good way) when The Darkling kisses Alina. <Heart somersault territory>