News, clay-creatures, a new release, plus a major sales event!

Jan 24, 2016Did you survive that East Coast snow storm! Lemme tell you, we got 32 inches of snow!!!

Here’s how the front of my condo looked like the night of the storm. Pretty insane, right?

With time on our hands, the kiddo and I nominated ourselves for craft-work, and came up with these little clay-creatures. The pink penguin-unicorn is based off of a Cartoon Network show called “Two More Eggs”. My son came up with the calico-grimacing head, and the smiling mushroom. I have no idea why the lemon is angry looking. 🙂

Odd little clay family

Odd little clay family

Cutsiecorn Penguin

Cutsiecorn Penguin


Evil Lemon?

Evil Lemon?

On Tuesday, after shoveling snow for hours and hours, we ventured away from the homestead for a bite to eat.

supermarket shelves during the snow storm

It was slim-pickings at our supermarket. So we ended up eating at a local restaurant that was open.


The Daughter of Lava (Reclaimed Souls #3)During the storm, I had several days to finish up a few edits and release book #3 in the Reclaimed Souls Series. The cover was designed by James T. Egan, who, as you can tell, does superb work!

I’m very excited about this installment because Rahda’s world continues to unravel, the war ignites, turning former friends into foes, and her relationship with Roland is just as confusing as ever. As with the other two installments (The Pale Waters, and The Queen of Scarred Hearts), The Daughter of Lava has meaning behind the title, and it ends in a cliffhanger. So start with The Pale Waters. If you subscribe to my newsletter, you’ll get it for free during the confirmation email. Not to worry if you’re not a kindle-person. The service lets you pick which device you use, and you’ll download the appropriate ebook version. Easy as pie

Get The Daughter of Lava now at Amazon. (Amazon UK link)


NEW_COLLIDE_eBOOKCollide Into You is on sale for a very limited time. If you haven’t already picked up this gem, it’s $.99 at Amazon. (Amazon UK link)

As for news, I’m working on a super-secret project I can’t quite announce. I will say, however, that this new work is a clear departure from what I normally write, and I am taking on a pen name for this dark-dark-dark (did I mention dark?) trilogy. Once the 4th book in the Reclaimed Souls Series is published, I will devote myself to this new trilogy, which means it may seem like I’m not publishing anything new for a while. I’m not going anywhere, I’m just branching off into new territory, which is terrifying and thrilling. Wish me luck!

<3 Kelly

A Man With Glasses…








“A Man With Glasses… Falls Hard For The Girl”

~ So, I like to doodle. If you’ve visited my website more then, oh, once, you’ll have noticed a few of my doodles. The above doodle, “A Man With Glasses” was inspired by a conversation with my boss. While cute and simple, the “characters” behind the glasses evoke a personal connection. I don’t see a few dots and dashes. I see a story. I see a nervous man, a lovely woman, and a brand new conversation that maybe — just maybe — starts something special. So, do men with glasses fall hard? Dunno, but this one did. I suppose that why I’m a writer – I can see a story in anything.


Happy Halloween

Tonight the kiddo and I drew up a few scary carrots. Not pumpkins… CARROTS!

Right… I know what you are thinking.

Happy Halloween

Um, why are you angry?


Carrots aren’t exactly scary.

But what if they were?

What if they were VERY angry!?!?

In my opinion, eyes without pupils are freaky looking!





Here was our inspiration:


















Check out this story. It is adorable, the artwork is VERY good, and I like how it ends!



Book update:

All four books in my LOVE ME series have been written, and edited by my fab editor (hi Susan, Love you!), and I’m working on polishing the 4th book. I’ve renamed the entire series (you’ll have to wait and see!), created the covers, and expect the first book to be published in late November 2013.

Doodle Saturday

Any day is a doodle day when I have the kiddo next to me and my Paper53 app up and running. I’m not the greatest doodler, but my son thinks I am, so it is no wonder that most of my doodles are for him, on characters he reads, or subjects he likes (like Ironman).

Marc Brown’s “Arthur” visited our house!!


To the left you’ll see Arthur, Marc Brown’s famous children’s series. The kiddo loves this series (we do, too) and so I drew this up for my son (whose name is Christian).







Next up is the Froggy series.

Jonathon London’s “Froggy” came to our house!


We’ve recently discovered the Froggy books by Jonathon London. Just adorable, funny, and the kiddo likes the scraps Froggy gets into. So a couple of days ago I drew this right after we read “Froggy Goes To Hawaii”. As you can see by the shirt, it is a vacation book.

That’s it for today. I might have an excerpt from my LOVE ME series up today. I’m hard at work on book four!! FOUR!! I’m at 109,000 words right now (in total). I think my brain is seeping out because I can’t believe I’ve written 109,000 words this year.

Thankfully I have hot coffee to fuel me. Coffee, I love you.