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Jan 24, 2016Did you survive that East Coast snow storm! Lemme tell you, we got 32 inches of snow!!!

Here’s how the front of my condo looked like the night of the storm. Pretty insane, right?

With time on our hands, the kiddo and I nominated ourselves for craft-work, and came up with these little clay-creatures. The pink penguin-unicorn is based off of a Cartoon Network show called “Two More Eggs”. My son came up with the calico-grimacing head, and the smiling mushroom. I have no idea why the lemon is angry looking. 🙂

Odd little clay family

Odd little clay family

Cutsiecorn Penguin

Cutsiecorn Penguin


Evil Lemon?

Evil Lemon?

On Tuesday, after shoveling snow for hours and hours, we ventured away from the homestead for a bite to eat.

supermarket shelves during the snow storm

It was slim-pickings at our supermarket. So we ended up eating at a local restaurant that was open.


The Daughter of Lava (Reclaimed Souls #3)During the storm, I had several days to finish up a few edits and release book #3 in the Reclaimed Souls Series. The cover was designed by James T. Egan, who, as you can tell, does superb work!

I’m very excited about this installment because Rahda’s world continues to unravel, the war ignites, turning former friends into foes, and her relationship with Roland is just as confusing as ever. As with the other two installments (The Pale Waters, and The Queen of Scarred Hearts), The Daughter of Lava has meaning behind the title, and it ends in a cliffhanger. So start with The Pale Waters. If you subscribe to my newsletter, you’ll get it for free during the confirmation email. Not to worry if you’re not a kindle-person. The service lets you pick which device you use, and you’ll download the appropriate ebook version. Easy as pie

Get The Daughter of Lava now at Amazon. (Amazon UK link)


NEW_COLLIDE_eBOOKCollide Into You is on sale for a very limited time. If you haven’t already picked up this gem, it’s $.99 at Amazon. (Amazon UK link)

As for news, I’m working on a super-secret project I can’t quite announce. I will say, however, that this new work is a clear departure from what I normally write, and I am taking on a pen name for this dark-dark-dark (did I mention dark?) trilogy. Once the 4th book in the Reclaimed Souls Series is published, I will devote myself to this new trilogy, which means it may seem like I’m not publishing anything new for a while. I’m not going anywhere, I’m just branching off into new territory, which is terrifying and thrilling. Wish me luck!

<3 Kelly

GoodReads Giveaway

3D_BUNDLE_whiteWanna win one of six copies of FALLING FOR HIM, (The Complete Series)? Yeah, I thought so. The print version is pretty frickin’ gorgeous, and was designed by Anita B. Carroll at

The giveaway opens 8 Nov 2015 and ends 31 Dec 2015. Open to US, UK, AUS, CAN residents.

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Old cover









New Cover










xo Kelly

The Queen of Scarred Hearts is available for pre-order

Queen-of-Scarred-Hearts-Web-Medium Available September 1, 2015


(Reclaimed Souls Volume 2)

The Queen of Scarred Hearts is the second installment in the four-volume epic journey of Rahda and Roland in a heart pounding blend of romance, fantasy, science fiction, and adventure — perfect for fans of Kushiel’s Dart, Cruel Beauty, Graceling, and Sea of Shadows.

Caught in a web between the opposing rulers of Izkirka and Aschalle, Rahda struggles to accept her newfound title as Lady Sevradan while reconciling her former life as a prized disciple and assassin.

Before she can come to terms with the new arrangement, once-buried secrets and a renewed threat sends her fleeing the palace. As she wades ever deeper in royal and political intrigue, and as a royal coup simmers just beneath the surface, Rahda’s not sure who is friend or foe.

But with Roland, things are never quite so simple as the tension between them flares white-hot and out of control, even as Rahda is suspicious of the darkness hiding in the depths of his eyes. However, once she discovers what Roland has kept hidden, she is forced to confront the future, her true feelings, and whether or not her scarred prince has a place in her life, and in her heart.

The Queen of Scarred Hearts, the second installment in the Reclaimed Souls Series, will have readers asking themselves, “Who Owns Your Heart?”

Pre-Order now at Amazon

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New Release!


New Release! THE PALE WATERS, # 1 of the Reclaimed Souls Series.

The Pale Waters begins the four-volume epic journey of Rahda and Roland in a heart-pounding blend of romance, fantasy, science fiction, and adventure, perfect for fans of Kushiel’s Dart, Cruel Beauty, Graceling, and Sea of Shadows.

Summoned by Izkirka’s mysterious ruler, class-zero citizen Rahda clashes with Prince Roland Rexus in a battle of lies, secrets, and seduction. She’s been sent to kill him, he knows it, and, strangely enough, he does nothing to actively stop her.

But once she’s in the presence of the man who everyone calls a dark prince, everything begins to unravel. The disfigured prince has his own reasons for summoning the woman meant to kill him; reasons that will alter Rahda’s perception of the world around her. Within a matter of days, she’s thrust into an unfamiliar society with an untrustworthy prince, and becomes involved in a war she never knew existed.

Rahda’s no longer sure where she fits in when she uncovers the truth about Roland, and about herself.

The Pale Waters, the first novella in the Reclaimed Souls Series, will have readers asking themselves, “Who Owns Your Soul?”

The Pales Waters is part of Kindle Unlimited, so readers who subscribe can read this novella as part of their KU Subscription. Readers not subscribed can buy The Pale Waters for $2.99.

Keywords: romance, science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, aliens, metaphysical, dystopian, sword, sorcery, robots, devil, demon, psychic, witch, spies, nobility, millionaire, medical, second chance, deities, artificial intelligence, mutants, mystery, thriller, spiritual, magic, quest, genes, exploration, action, adventure, alien, death, loss, grief, childhood, friendship, war, religion, bisexual, interracial, urban, suspense

This novella is 42,000 words (~230 pages) and is the first novella in a four-novella series. It ends in a cliffhanger.

5 Stars: Only Enchanting by Mary Balogh

Mary Balogh's Only Enchanting

Wow! Mary Balogh does it again! I was super thrilled to learn that I won an uncorrected proof from the publisher. It came in the mail a few days later. I had hoped for the version with the actual cover, but it came, instead in a pale greenish-blue cover, rather than the lovely image shown on GoodReads. However, this in no way detracted from the story.

Only Enchanting is the fourth book in Mary Balogh’s Survivors’ Club series and it centers on Flavian Arnott, Viscount Ponsonby. Several years back, Flavian was severely wounded during the Napoleonic War, after having received a major injury to his head, which, for several years, rendered him unable to speak properly. He lost a good portion of memory. None of this is helped due to the loss of his beloved brother (which allows Flavian to assume the title of Viscount Ponsonby) as well as his fiancé jilting him in favor of his best friend. All of this renders him something of a lost cause. Thankfully he recuperated with 5 others at Penderris Hall, thus forming an immense bond with the other recovering survivors. Each year they all meet for 3 weeks to rekindle the friendship, bond, and, well, heal. As it is, Flavian speaks with a stutter and is still unable to truly control his anger.

It is during a harvest ball that Flavian meets Mrs. Agnes Keeping, a 26 year old widow who values safety and a quiet life with her older sister, Dora. Only Enchanting starts in her POV, and literally states, from the beginning, “At the age of twenty-six, Agnes Keeping had never been in love or ever expected to be–or even wished to be.”

What a great opening as we meet our heroine. I love it when our characters come full circle and how, at the beginning of a book, we (the reader) know we are on a fun, and enchanting, ride as Agnes not only realizes she’s unhappy, she doesn’t actually realize just how unhappy she is until Flavian comes into her life.

Agnes, as mentioned, is widowed. Her deceased husband, William Keeping, wasn’t particularly exciting or passionate, but she cared for him and still misses him. Perhaps one day she will remarry and have children. She enjoys painting wildflowers in her dear friend, Sophia’s, meadows. Sophia is, of course, Lady Darleigh, Viscount Darleigh’s wife (Vincent’s story is The Arrangement, book 2 in the Survivors’ Club series). You see, there is to be a ball, and as Sophia’s dear friend, Agnes is invited. Agnes isn’t a fashionista. Her dresses are at least 3-4 years old, and certainly not in the height of fashion. Oh well, they will do, she thinks. No one will notice her. No one at all.

Ahem… excuse me while the H and h meet. 😉

They dance.


Flavian, with his bedroom eyes, blond hair, and gorgeous looks, calls Agnes “enchanting.” Only Enchanting.

Agnes, who, as you will remember from the first line of this book states she never wished to fall in love, promptly falls in love.

Fast-forward 5 months. All of the Survivors travel to Vincent’s property due to the fact that Sophia is expecting her first child, and Vincent refuses to leave her side (which I love), so Flavian returns to Middlebury Park (the Harvest Ball was held there) and becomes reacquainted with the lovely, if somewhat plain, Mrs. Agnes Keeping.

He remembers dancing with her. He remembers saying he was Only Enchanted with her, but blast it all, he cannot remember her name. Damn his head injury and damn the letter he received stating his former fiancé (who jilted him) was now no longer in mourning after the death of her husband last year, and, hint-hint-hint, available to now marry him. Flavian’s family, in not so many terms, wants him to marry Velma, Lady Hazeltine, and join their families. There is a bond between their families, but Flavian cannot and will not, do any such thing as marry Velma. He remembers Mrs. Agnes Keeping and seeks her out.

Agnes wonders why the handsome viscount seems to be interested in her. Oh, she’s still in love with him, but Agnes is a smart woman and is understandably wary around him. He proposes marriage and, after a week, she accepts. It’s here that the story is drawn out perhaps 50-60 pages longer than necessary, IMO, and things pick up around the ½ mark once Flavian and Agnes are in London and his family (and the newly free Velma) finds out about his marriage to Agnes.

I pause here so that you can imagine fireworks. Good, now continue.

Poor Agnes! Well, turns out she has a pretty strong backbone and I’m extremely proud of the way Agnes handled herself, the situation, and everything in between when she realizes that it is entirely possible Flavian married her in order to avoid marrying Velma. Oh hell no. Guess who’s Lady Ponsonby, biatch? Not Velma, Lady WhatsHerName. ThankYouVeryMuch.

The backbone of Agnes is made out of concrete, steel, and 24 caret gold. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed the scene in which Agnes confronts Velma. Actually confronts her. It is priceless and I’m thrilled to read about a Regency-era woman who doesn’t cower behind silly fans and innuendo.

There is much more to Flavian and Agnes’ story as they navigate her mother’s history (there is a scandal involved), as Flavian discovers hidden memories about his brother, and his true history with Velma, and as Agnes learns to trust Flavian again. I also found it refreshing that there wasn’t a true villain in Only Enchanting.

I finished the book, hoping the story would never end, but found myself utterly enchanted with Agnes and Flavian, and utterly delighted that I was lucky enough to read it before publication.

COLLIDE INTO YOU is available for pre-order

200x300_CIY Hi Everyone! Exciting news in the Kelly Washington household: COLLIDE INTO YOU is available for pre-order on Amazon, with a release date of Oct 25, 2014. And, guess what, it’s priced at $2.99. How great is that!?!?

Pre-order here. Add it as a “Want to Read” on GoodReads.

My cover was created by the amazingly talented Gabrielle Prendergast ( and edited by the highly skilled and awesome Susan Helene Gottfried (

So, what’s the story about…? Here is the unofficial blurb:

Collide Into You: A Romantic Gender Swap Love Story


Love, by its very definition is disorder…

When twenty-seven year old Army Sergeant Keira Holtslander, an orderly and rule-loving intelligence analyst is reassigned to the Pentagon for a special assignment, she agrees to room with her brother’s best friend, Dillan Pope. But there’s a problem. Several, in fact. He’s sarcastic, egotistical, full of himself, extremely attractive, and a womanizer. Within a matter of days, her life is chaos. She didn’t like him when they met nine years ago and her opinion isn’t likely to change now.

Love… crashes around you…

Dillan Pope, a thirty year old career businessman climbing his way up the corporate ladder, has learned to use his looks, charm, and sexual skills to his advantage. There isn’t much he cannot accomplish. Women easily tumble into his bed and business deals come about effortlessly. But when his best friend’s little sister moves in, he knows he’s in trouble. She’s rather hostile toward him, which is not the reaction he’s used to. Dillan loves a challenge, and Keira, aka, Sergeant Prim and Proper, has always been the one girl he could never forget when they met nine years ago.

Love… blinds you…

When a meddling barista puts a charm on the roommates, causing them to swap bodies, they must live as each other until they can get back to normal. They quickly learn that panic, fighting and accusations will get them nowhere. Until they can “cure” the charm, they experience life as the other with hilarious results all the while realizing that maybe the other isn’t so bad.

Love… heals you…

Maybe there’s a reason they hated each other. And discovering the feelings that lay hidden may be the only way to undo the switch.


Kelly Washington’s new contemporary, military romance, written with a touch of magic, will make you laugh and believe in love all over again.


Oh, and guess what? My sexy heroes from FALLING FOR HIM, Justin, Aaron, and Nebraska are supporting characters in this book. Nebraska is up to his crazy antics (as usual) and you’ll get a glimpse of Justin and Aaron as a couple in the bowling scene.

Needless to say, I’m super excited about this story. It is fun, sexy, exciting, funny, and sweet. Collide Into You isn’t a steamy story and can be read by teens. I really hope you enjoy and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

Hugs, Kelly


Coming Soon: Print Version of “Falling For Him” and “Reclaimed Souls”

Hi everyone, and happy Sunday. In my house, Sundays are a cleaning day, or an errand day. Stuff like that. Generally I do not write on Sundays, but today I’m writing a post to let you know what I’ve been working on.

Print Versions of my books.

Yes, print, and I’m ecstatic about this.


Justin is a Hottie!

Oh my God, doesn’t Justin look amazing?!? And hot. And gorgeous. I’m bundling Falling For Him into one book, and I’m reviewing everything as we speak. Here’s a funny thing: when you read something in a different format, you find issues you might not have found originally (see below). For example, I write my novels on a Mac Laptop (using Scrivener), and convert everything for e-book conversions. After my editor has done her part, I make the necessary changes, conduct a final inspection, and press “publish”. Well, I’m finding that while reading my stories in paperback format, I see errors that I didn’t catch the first time. Oh My!

So I am making those edits as fast as I can to get you the option to read Falling For Him in paperback format. My guess is that I’ll have everything ready by late Summer 2014. Yay!

Reclaimed Souls - The Complete Series

Reclaimed Souls – The Complete Series

Here is a pic of Reclaimed Souls – The Complete Series in paperback format. This is one fat puppy because I’m working to reduce the page size in order to make it cheaper for you to buy it. Currently, I have it at 700 pages and I just don’t think I’ll be able to make it any smaller without reducing the font size, and I don’t want to do that. I’m still experimenting with everything, to include the cover, and hope to have the bundled series available early Fall 2014. Print and in E-Book version. Stay tuned.

A tidy little grouping

A tidy little grouping

As you can see here, I’ve adjusted the size of Justin’s – ahem – book. 🙂 The middle book was my first attempt, but it didn’t feel right in my hands, so I adjusted the paperback size to 5.5 x 8.5 (versus 6×9), and I like it a lot better.

Yikes! My red pen has come out!

Yikes! My red pen has come out!

It didn’t take me long to realize I would want to make changes. Not just editing issues (those are minor), but sentence structure and even dialog. I found a few instances where a bit more explanation was needed in the beginning of The Pale Waters (the first novella). One or two carefully crafted sentences will solve the issue.

In other news, I’m diligently working on my first draft of COLLIDING INTO YOU.

I suspect I’ll have the first draft done in a few weeks. While my hotties from Falling For You make appearances, the story centers on Keira (a sergeant in the Army) and Dillan (a junior business executive), and it is a stand-alone novel, meaning you will not need to read anything before it to get your romance-fix on. These two are just adorable, crazy, and get into such a scuffle (there’s a bit of magic in this story) that they must work everything out or risk their lives changing forever – and not in a way that they would want.

Secondary characters will, at some point, get their own stories. One of those secondary characters is a pro baseball player named Alec Huffman. He’s dreamy, sensitive, and totally unlike what his celebrity persona makes him out to be. I have an idea of who I want him to end up with, but my stories have been known to take over and go in a very different direction than I planned.

Keira’s brother (Jon – a Naval Officer) is in a serious relationship with Tanner (a pro baseball player) and while they are already a couple in Keira’s story, I have a feeling many of you will want me to write their M/M love story. So, at night, I’m dreaming up how they met, the problems they will face, and how they ended up together, because, on the surface, they do not seem like a logical couple. So, it should be fun.

I’d like to give a big shout-out to my girl, Chak. Have fun in Alexandria, VA. I am so going to miss you. Also, a big e-hug for Mary, Becky, and Deb. Thank you for agreeing to be my guinea pigs by reading COLLIDING INTO YOU after I’m done with the first draft.

To the rest of you guys and gals -my readers- keep those emails coming. I adore hearing from you. Here’s how I feel about you:Yum




Shiny, Pretty Things

Come see the shiny, pretty new things I’ve been working on! (Hint: new covers for my Reclaimed Souls Series). Long story short, I retired the Jean 8. Aeglothecca pen-name, and took on Della Roth.

The Pale Waters CoverThe Queen of Scarred HeartsThe Daughter of Lava








The fourth book (The Priestess of Reclaimed Souls) is coming out Next Month!

The Queen of Scarred Hearts (#2 Reclaimed Souls)

I’m excited to tell you that THE QUEEN OF SCARRED HEARTS is now available! Hold on while I do a few cartwheels!

The Queen of Scarred HeartsIf you haven’t picked up Book/Novella #1, click here to see what you’re missing! TQoSH (I just made that up) is the second book/novella in the Reclaimed Souls Series. The stakes are higher as Rahda leaves Skyscraper City and heads to see the master she’s betrayed. While there, she meets a charismatic man, Dev Osta, who gives Roland a run for his money. Let’s just say that Dev is gorgeous and that all of my beta readers, to include my editor — yes ALL of them — found Dev drool worthy. You’ll want to purchase this book just to get the bonus material at the end. (Shhhh, but it is the unedited version of Rahda and Dev’s, um, encounter). Now, on to TQoSH…

The Queen of Scarred Hearts, #2 (Reclaimed Souls)

A Conflicted Heart…  Caught between two worlds, Rahda must decide what she desires more: to be Lady Rahda Sevradan or the Grandfather’s disciple. Now that she knows that masking the dark prince’s scars was a ruse, she leaves the Palace Skyscraper only to unearth new secrets, including secrets about her family’s history. Then she meets someone that threatens her feelings for Roland. Will her heart and soul ever been in agreement?

A Dark Soul…  Prince Roland Rexus wants nothing more than to keep Rahda close, but she fights him at every turn. He wants a real marriage. He wants her heart. Once she learns of his future plans, he worries he will lose her forever. As the battle brews internally between them, war looms over his head and the dark prince is powerless without Rahda’s help.

A Royal Revolution…  With a royal revolt simmering just under the surface, Rahda and Roland must tread carefully as the continent’s citizens descend upon Skyscraper City for a royal celebration that changes everything. Will the Queen of Scarred Hearts emerge?  You can read an excerpt here. The Queen of Scarred Hearts is available for $3.99. You can buy it now from any one of these e-tailers:

Amazon  |  BN  |  (coming soon..) Kobo  |  Smashwords  | All Romance eBooks  |  Apple iBookstore


The other books in this series are coming soon:



Falling For Him Series (New & Improved)

Falling For Him

Reintroducing Sergeant Justin “Hotten” Hauten and his love interest, First Lieutenant Aaron “Texas” Parris

* Staff Sergeant Justin “Hotten” Hauten…
…Isn’t the smartest guy in the room. He just wants to be a regular soldier but finds himself mixed up kidnappings, government secrets, and the desire to figure out his feelings for Aaron.

** First Lieutenant Aaron “Texas” Parris…
…Has had feelings for Justin for quite some time and he isn’t going to hold them in anymore, even if that means getting involved in whatever mess Justin is in — which is some pretty messed up crap!

** Specialist Sean “Nebraska” Walker…
…Is a tall, lumberjack-ish redhead, loyal to the end, and happily enters into scuffles just for the hell of it. Being a former semi-pro boxer does have its perks.


Falling For You (Falling for Him #1)Falling For You (Falling For Him #1)

$0.99/FREE for a short time on most sites!!

Amazon  |  Smashwords  |  BN  |  Kobo  |  iTunes

All Romance eBooks  |  Diesel (link still lists old name)

Deployed Army Staff Sergeant Justin Hauten is having a somewhat interesting day.

His company commander goes crazy and shoots him. Two “alleged” CIA agents ambush him and his buddy, Specialist Sean “Nebraska” Walker, and derail a sensitive mission. And then there’s the love letters he’s been getting from another male in his company. Secret love letters that make Justin imagine the possibilities.

Can Justin fall in love as the most insane things happen to him, from kidnappings, a fearless sidekick that tells the most outrages tall-tales, to secret camera images, to a hyper, yet dimwitted, crazy ex-girlfriend?

Find out in this Episodic Love Story set in the backdrop of Afghanistan and Fort Hood, Texas…


Hungry For You (Falling For Him #2)Hungry For You (Falling For Him #2)

$2.99  Amazon  |  Smashwords  |  BN  |  Kobo  |  iTunes

All Romance eBooks  |  Diesel (link still lists older name)

Things aren’t going any better for Sergeant Justin “Hotten” Hauten and his friend Specialist Sean “Nebraska” Walker. Justin meets Mary Lovecross, a powerful woman who seems to have several tricks and secrets up her sleeve.

Justin and Nebraska are detained again, but this time they find themselves in more interesting places that has them learning a few new facts that changes everything that they thought they knew about their former company commander, crazy Julia, and Justin’s love interest, Lieutenant Aaron Parris.

From underground bunkers, a surprise marriage proposal, witty banter, the Texan Badlands, undercover agents, a fancy Governor’s party, to a couple of fist fights, will Justin live long enough to fall in love in all of this craziness?


Ready For You (Falling For Him #3)Ready For You (Falling For Him #3)

$2.99  AmazonSmashwords  |  BN  |  Kobo  |  iTunes

All Romance eBooks  |  Diesel (link still lists older name)

The intensity escalates for Justin, Aaron, and Nebraska in the conclusion of the Falling For Him Series. Here they will face bomb threats, an overly kind hunchback in a seedy bar, kick-ass mothers, and a steamy bedroom when Justin and Aaron finally get it on.

Allegiances will be tested, rules will be broken, hearts will be won, and the truth will finally be revealed. Ready For You is the final novella in the Falling For Him Series and is intended for mature +18 audiences.





Falling For HimFalling For Him (The Complete Series)

$4.99  Amazon  |  Smashwords  |  BN  |  Kobo  |  iTunes  | All Romance eBooks  |  Diesel

Staff Sergeant Justin “Hotten” Hauten isn’t the smartest guy in the room. He just wants to be a regular soldier but finds himself mixed up kidnappings, government secrets, and the desire to figure out his feelings for Aaron.

First Lieutenant Aaron “Texas” Parris has had a crush on Justin for quite some time and he isn’t going to hold them in anymore, even if that means getting involved in whatever mess Justin is in — which is some pretty messed up crap.

Throw in a towering, red-headed lumberjackish (and trouble-making) best friend, bomb threats, under ground bunkers, kick-ass mothers, the Texan Badlands, a marriage proposal, a dim-witted ex-girlfriend loaded with secrets, a fancy Governor’s party, plenty of fist fights, government spooks, and a seedy bar called The Itchy Nail, and you’ve got yourself a tasty recipe for disaster, humor, badassery, and…romance.

Can Justin and Aaron fall in love in the middle of all this madness? FALLING FOR HIM, which includes three novellas FALLING FOR YOU, HUNGRY FOR YOU, and READY FOR YOU, is the complete series in Kelly Washington’s M/M Military Love Story.