Coming Soon: Print Version of “Falling For Him” and “Reclaimed Souls”

Hi everyone, and happy Sunday. In my house, Sundays are a cleaning day, or an errand day. Stuff like that. Generally I do not write on Sundays, but today I’m writing a post to let you know what I’ve been working on.

Print Versions of my books.

Yes, print, and I’m ecstatic about this.


Justin is a Hottie!

Oh my God, doesn’t Justin look amazing?!? And hot. And gorgeous. I’m bundling Falling For Him into one book, and I’m reviewing everything as we speak. Here’s a funny thing: when you read something in a different format, you find issues you might not have found originally (see below). For example, I write my novels on a Mac Laptop (using Scrivener), and convert everything for e-book conversions. After my editor has done her part, I make the necessary changes, conduct a final inspection, and press “publish”. Well, I’m finding that while reading my stories in paperback format, I see errors that I didn’t catch the first time. Oh My!

So I am making those edits as fast as I can to get you the option to read Falling For Him in paperback format. My guess is that I’ll have everything ready by late Summer 2014. Yay!

Reclaimed Souls - The Complete Series

Reclaimed Souls – The Complete Series

Here is a pic of Reclaimed Souls – The Complete Series in paperback format. This is one fat puppy because I’m working to reduce the page size in order to make it cheaper for you to buy it. Currently, I have it at 700 pages and I just don’t think I’ll be able to make it any smaller without reducing the font size, and I don’t want to do that. I’m still experimenting with everything, to include the cover, and hope to have the bundled series available early Fall 2014. Print and in E-Book version. Stay tuned.

A tidy little grouping

A tidy little grouping

As you can see here, I’ve adjusted the size of Justin’s – ahem – book. 🙂 The middle book was my first attempt, but it didn’t feel right in my hands, so I adjusted the paperback size to 5.5 x 8.5 (versus 6×9), and I like it a lot better.

Yikes! My red pen has come out!

Yikes! My red pen has come out!

It didn’t take me long to realize I would want to make changes. Not just editing issues (those are minor), but sentence structure and even dialog. I found a few instances where a bit more explanation was needed in the beginning of The Pale Waters (the first novella). One or two carefully crafted sentences will solve the issue.

In other news, I’m diligently working on my first draft of COLLIDING INTO YOU.

I suspect I’ll have the first draft done in a few weeks. While my hotties from Falling For You make appearances, the story centers on Keira (a sergeant in the Army) and Dillan (a junior business executive), and it is a stand-alone novel, meaning you will not need to read anything before it to get your romance-fix on. These two are just adorable, crazy, and get into such a scuffle (there’s a bit of magic in this story) that they must work everything out or risk their lives changing forever – and not in a way that they would want.

Secondary characters will, at some point, get their own stories. One of those secondary characters is a pro baseball player named Alec Huffman. He’s dreamy, sensitive, and totally unlike what his celebrity persona makes him out to be. I have an idea of who I want him to end up with, but my stories have been known to take over and go in a very different direction than I planned.

Keira’s brother (Jon – a Naval Officer) is in a serious relationship with Tanner (a pro baseball player) and while they are already a couple in Keira’s story, I have a feeling many of you will want me to write their M/M love story. So, at night, I’m dreaming up how they met, the problems they will face, and how they ended up together, because, on the surface, they do not seem like a logical couple. So, it should be fun.

I’d like to give a big shout-out to my girl, Chak. Have fun in Alexandria, VA. I am so going to miss you. Also, a big e-hug for Mary, Becky, and Deb. Thank you for agreeing to be my guinea pigs by reading COLLIDING INTO YOU after I’m done with the first draft.

To the rest of you guys and gals -my readers- keep those emails coming. I adore hearing from you. Here’s how I feel about you:Yum




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