Doodle Saturday

Any day is a doodle day when I have the kiddo next to me and my Paper53 app up and running. I’m not the greatest doodler, but my son thinks I am, so it is no wonder that most of my doodles are for him, on characters he reads, or subjects he likes (like Ironman).

Marc Brown’s “Arthur” visited our house!!


To the left you’ll see Arthur, Marc Brown’s famous children’s series. The kiddo loves this series (we do, too) and so I drew this up for my son (whose name is Christian).







Next up is the Froggy series.

Jonathon London’s “Froggy” came to our house!


We’ve recently discovered the Froggy books by Jonathon London. Just adorable, funny, and the kiddo likes the scraps Froggy gets into. So a couple of days ago I drew this right after we read “Froggy Goes To Hawaii”. As you can see by the shirt, it is a vacation book.

That’s it for today. I might have an excerpt from my LOVE ME series up today. I’m hard at work on book four!! FOUR!! I’m at 109,000 words right now (in total). I think my brain is seeping out because I can’t believe I’ve written 109,000 words this year.

Thankfully I have hot coffee to fuel me. Coffee, I love you.

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