Happy Halloween

Tonight the kiddo and I drew up a few scary carrots. Not pumpkins… CARROTS!

Right… I know what you are thinking.

Happy Halloween

Um, why are you angry?


Carrots aren’t exactly scary.

But what if they were?

What if they were VERY angry!?!?

In my opinion, eyes without pupils are freaky looking!





Here was our inspiration:


















Check out this story. It is adorable, the artwork is VERY good, and I like how it ends!



Book update:

All four books in my LOVE ME series have been written, and edited by my fab editor (hi Susan, Love you!), and I’m working on polishing the 4th book. I’ve renamed the entire series (you’ll have to wait and see!), created the covers, and expect the first book to be published in late November 2013.

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