My Current Book Hangover – SHADOW AND BONE by Leigh Bardugo

Okay, I’m *finally* getting to reading a few books on my TBR pile and I picked up SHADOW AND BONE by Leigh Bardugo last night.

Big frickin mistake because I stayed up WAAYYYY to late reading it (I got 1/2 way through) and I have a book hangover.

What’s a book hangover?

It’s where you keep reading “just one more chapter” and then I’ll go to sleep. I have “four hours until I *have* to wake up — let me read just one more frickin awesome chapter”.

And this is a good book. Okay, let me amend that: it’s a *really* good book. Probably the best I’ve read all year, and I’m not even done reading it yet.

So, yeah, go buy this book. The sequel came out a few weeks ago. I know what I’ll be doing very shortly: buying the second book.



Oh, and I’m a pretty good judge of books and how I think they’ll end up. While I have a good idea of how this book will end, I was caught off-guard (in a good way) when The Darkling kisses Alina. <Heart somersault territory>


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