Romance, Erotic Romance, and Erotica… the difference?

Under my Kelly Washington alias I write both Erotic Romance and Erotica. There is a difference and, depending on the author, it might not be that much of a difference. She might want a happily ever after (aka, HEA), thus classifying it under the Erotic Romance because her two characters (regardless of gender) fall in love, are already in love, or the elements of their sexy time, while erotically charged and explicit, are loving and tender.

Most of my titles fall under the Erotic Romance category. I don’t think I’m giving much away by stating that my characters love each other (secretly) and my stories — hopefully — illustrate this. Is there sex? Hell ya! That’s the fun part, I think. Right? <grin>

However, one title (to date) really isn’t Erotic Romance. It’s full-on-in-your-face Erotica. So why the difference? Because the sex is the plot of the entire short story. Almost every scene revolves around these two characters having sex, thinking about sex, and having more sex.

Which title is it, you wonder? (You are wondering, right?)

Tabatha On Fire

The e-book cover pretty much sums up what type of story it is, right? Why did I choose this cover? (actually, I changed the cover three times before this one) It’s sexy. It’s sultry. It’s sensual. It’s hot (hawt!). And it conveys that this story *might* contain characters with little to no clothing.

Even with this cover, I’d say this story isn’t one of my top sellers. Why? I don’t know, to be honest. It might be because many of my readers prefer a loving erotic romance versus straight sex and nothing more. Maybe it isn’t that great of a premise for a story. Maybe my characters aren’t easy to relate to. Could be all of that, none of that, or something else. Maybe you, my dear reader, hate the name Tabatha… <grin>

It’s all an experiment for me. An experiment that I love doing. I wrote Tabatha on Fire a year ago. It’s been a fun year with other stories after this one. I’m learning the ropes. I’m having fun. And I get to dream about, think about, and write about hawt sex!

Can it get any better?

Um, no.

So whether you enjoy Erotic Romance or straight up Erotica, I hope I have you covered.

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One thought on “Romance, Erotic Romance, and Erotica… the difference?

  1. Trudy R. Peck says:

    Years ago, when the Supreme Court couldn’t define porn, they left it to each community to decide. Therefore, porn in Alabama is not necessarily porn in California.In Europe, going topless at the beach or an actress unveiling her breasts on prime-time television is generally accepted.Your stories, which include graphic sex scenes can be defined as porn or erotica or erotic romance, depending on the reader, however, one general deciding factor is erotic romance must have a ‘happily ever after’ (or happily for now) and erotica usually does not. Erotica, in most of the stories I’ve read, use the plot to set up the sex scenes, while romance uses the plot to set up, well…, romance or the emotional bridge between the characters.And porn? I’m no better than the Supreme Court.

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