What happened at All Romance eBooks (ARe)?

Onto publishing news:

Like many romance authors, several of my novels and short stories were on the All Romance eBooks (ARe) website, and unfortunately and for reasons I have yet to read, ARe is going dark tomorrow (Dec 31, 2016).

It saddens me because ARe, while somewhat clunky in its interface, published romance material that might not be easily found on other ebook sellers’ (‘Zon, B&N, etc) sites. For example, if a reader wanted to read darker romance material (dubious consent, dark-horror romances, or a steamier shape-shifter romance) ARe was the go-to.

I like a free ebook market, and I like readers having a choice in where they buy reading material. Other sites will emerge and it is an exciting time to be an author and a reader. What I don’t like is when authors are screwed on royalties owed (ARe wants to give us .10 to the dollar) while giving readers mere days to backup their ebook library.

I can’t fix the industry, but I can make sure my readers are taken care of.

If you bought any book of mine from ARe, and you are 1) unable to download it, or 2) unable to back-up your copy, contact me at kellywashwrites (at) gmail (dot) com (make sure to include your purchase receipt) and I’ll ensure you get the ebook in a pdf, mobi, or epub version.

Onto my news:

I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season, and a happy new year! I’ve been busy working on darker romance material (which is why I’m bummed about ARe’s closing) under a pen name while working on several short stories for an anthology workshop. I’ll admit that 2016 has been a slow writing year for me (or at least a slow publishing year) but I hope 2017 picks up for me. I have several stories in the pipeline that need editing and covers, and I’ll get those stories published over the next few months.

Recently, I removed all of my work from Amazon’s exclusivity program (KDP-Select). You can still buy all titles on Amazon, but they are no longer in the Select program. Basically, my royalties dropped significantly when Amazon retooled the pay structure on titles enrolled in KDP-Select (pages read versus by the borrow).

I do apologize to my readers who use Amazon’s ebook subscription service, and I did give it six additional months to see if things changed (they didn’t). It no longer made financial sense for me to keep my titles in that program. Give me a few weeks, and I will have all titles published on all e-platforms.

Lastly, onto fun news, my son and I have been brainstorming a middle-grade novel idea (think Goosebumps, but less spooky), and I can honestly say he has awesome ideas! During the long New Year weekend, I’ll get the novel plotted and can hopefully start writing it in the near future. Fingers crossed.

Until next time, lovelies!

<3 Kelly