Delinquent Kelly

Hello my lovelies! I’ve been away for a while, holed up in a cabin in Oregon writing my eyeballs (and fingers) to the bone! I’m only sort of kidding.

In my last newsletter, I mentioned that I recently created a new pen-name, and I’ve been writing into “the dark” – which has two meanings.

  1. No outlines, or plots, or deadlines. I sit in front of my computer and simply write. This has been incredibly freeing, and I’ve written several stories I might not have before. More on that in a minute.
  2. Some of my new work (under the pen-name) is, literally, dark. The themes are darker, with violence. I’m exploring a few darker themes that are not appropriate under this name (Kelly Washington). I’d categorize my new work as horror meets dark romance. This has been a little less freeing (but still rewarding) as I have to channel a different side of me when writing the darker side of humanity.

While in Oregon, I wrote several gothic (!) novellas as well as a young adult LGBT “first love” romance (also in novella length). All three came out of nowhere (writing in the dark!), and I’m delighted with the results. I expect to have the young adult novella out shortly, under the abbreviated name K. Washington (this is not the new pen-name). Below is a proof cover for THE BEGINNING OF US. Totally not finalized, and you can see the watermarks (as I’m playing around with a few ideas before going final), but the idea is to keep the cover simple and inline with YA Covers.

the beginning of usThe Blurb? After a surprise meeting on the lacrosse field, teens Emma and Gina spend the rest of the night discovering that when you open up to a kindred spirit, love can bloom even in unexpected places. “The Beginning of Us” is a sweet “first love” LGBT romance appropriate for all audiences.

It was incredibly fun writing this story because Gina is a lacrosse player, and my son has been involved in lacrosse for four years. It’s a fascinating sport, and I’m having a blast learning more about girl’s lacrosse and how it differs from boys’ lacrosse. The equipment is different, and there is less contact. My goal is to make this a series, focusing on the girls on this lacrosse team.

We’ll see where it leads, and I’m excited for the results! I’ll let you know when the e-book is available.

In addition to writing, I’ve been reading a great deal. I think I’m up to 25 books so far this year, and I just finished Villette by Charlotte Bronte last night. Next? And Then There Were None, by Agatha Christie.

I’d like to highlight Sarina Bowen’s “Ivy Years” series, and the “Him” series as she kept me awake many a night reading her fantastic books. Whew, that woman can write the feels like no ones business. I never knew that I loved hockey romance until I read her books. If you haven’t picked up one of her books, I highly recommend it.